Business Solutions

We provide our customers Innovation solutions that could be scaled from small, medium to the Enterprise, as well as Could Computing to reduce TCO, support & running cost overheads.

Escalate your Business CRM/ERP

Customer Relation Management
CRM brings together sales force automation, customer support and services, marketing automation, inventory management, calender, project management, plus more.  
Enterprise Resources Planning  
ERP with full CRM functionality plus more like accounts, warehousing, purchases, manufacturing, human resources, payroll, point-of-sales, e-commerce and many other add-ons.    
Modern technology & modularity give you flexible and scalable choices, as well as build-in integration with commonly used applications and devices like mail client (outlook, thunderbird, gmail), mobile access and sms notifications, customize workflow processes and document management, plus extra add-ons like point-of-sale and e-commerce.