Email is a living record of your organization. It contains intellectual property, business operations history and legal commitments in its collective messages.

It’s true that archiving your email will keep your business compliant with regulations but more importantly, it can make your life easier. In a true archive, messages can be retrieved within seconds, saving you hours of time and energy digging through logs. It can also alleviate the burden of managing email storage growth.





MailArchiva Enterprise Edition easily integrates with your Mail Server and requires very little administrative effort. With a flexible licensing structure, you can choose to archive for a sub-set of your organization or for everyone.






  • Allows messages to be searchable for e-discovery
  • Messages can be retrieved quickly at any time
  • Maximizes storage space by compressing messages that are archived
  • Enables your organization to comply with US and EU legislation such as SOX and HIPAA
  • Emails are stored directly on the file system, as opposed to a database
  • High speed search also within documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF and ZIP attachments
  • Ability to use a web browser to access archived emails & Outlook integration
  • increase mail server performance and efficiency by reducing active mail storage
  • Monitor and audit employee communications